Greenhouse Plug- Yellow Birch

SOLD OUT Greenhouse Plug- Yellow Birch

Yellow Birch

Betula alleghaniensis

18–24 metres (60–80 feet)
150+ years


Appearance: Medium-sized, typically single stemmed. Will start producing seeds at about 40 years; produced every yea. Bark on mature trees is a shiny yellow-bronze which flakes and peels in fine horizontal strips. leaves are alternately placed on the stem, oval in shape with a pointed tip and often a slightly heart shaped (cordate) base.

Site and soils: Prefers to grow in cooler conditions and is often found on north facing slopes, swamps, stream banks, and rich woods.It does not grow well in dry regions or regions with hot summers. It grows soil pH ranging from 4-8.

Rural plantings: Browsed on by deer and birds.

Urban settings:

Uses: Most important species of birch for lumber and an important hardwood timber tree.

Native to: Eastern North America

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