Greenhouse Plugs

Greenhouse Plugs

Greenhouse Plugs are a good choice to plant in shallow soil areas, in areas with low competition, and for under planting.

These seedlings have been grown as self-contained plugs, which are air pruned, resulting in a larger amount of root hair development. This translates into quick establishment and growth when planted.

Seasonally available (please inquire), extending the planting season, and enabling fall planting.

These Greenhouse plugs will be available mid to end of August 2023. Orders can be placed now, and booked for future pickup.

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Greenhouse Plug - Colorado Spruce SOLD OUT

Greenhouse Plug - Colorado Spruce

Colorado Spruce Picea pungens 20 metres (60 feet+) 60+ years   Appearance: Silver-..

Greenhouse Plug - Tamarack SOLD OUT

Greenhouse Plug - Tamarack

Tamarack Larix laricina 25 metres (80 feet) 80 years   Appearance: Tufts of many s..

Greenhouse Plug- Silver Maple SOLD OUT

Greenhouse Plug- Silver Maple

Silver Maple Acer saccharinum 25 metres (80 feet) 80 years   Appearance: Light gre..

Greenhouse Plug- Yellow Birch SOLD OUT

Greenhouse Plug- Yellow Birch

Yellow Birch Betula alleghaniensis 18–24 metres (60–80 feet) 150+ years   Appearan..

Greenhouse Plug-Red Maple SOLD OUT

Greenhouse Plug-Red Maple

Red Maple Acer rubrum 25 metres (80 feet) 80 years Bareroot Seedlings   Appeara..