Greenhouse Plugs are a good choice to plant in shallow soil areas, in areas with low competition, and for under planting.

These seedlings have been grown as self-contained plugs, which are air pruned, resulting in a larger amount of root hair development. This translates into quick establishment and growth when planted.

Seasonally available (please inquire), extending the planting season, and enabling fall planting.

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Greenhouse Plug- Silver Maple SOLD OUT

Greenhouse Plug- Silver Maple

Silver Maple Acer saccharinum 25 metres (80 feet) 80 years   Appearance: Light gre..

Greenhouse Plug- Yellow Birch SOLD OUT

Greenhouse Plug- Yellow Birch

Yellow Birch Betula alleghaniensis 18–24 metres (60–80 feet) 150+ years   Appearan..

Greenhouse Plug-Red Maple SOLD OUT

Greenhouse Plug-Red Maple

Red Maple Acer rubrum 25 metres (80 feet) 80 years Bareroot Seedlings   Appeara..