Greenhouse Plug - Tamarack

SOLD OUT Greenhouse Plug - Tamarack


Larix laricina

25 metres (80 feet)
80 years


Appearance: Tufts of many soft, short, bluish-green needles; yellow and fall off in autumn. Thin, smooth, gray young bark; reddish-brown, scaly, mature bark. Loses needles in autumn

Site and soils: Grows best on moist, sandy soils. Tolerates wet, poorly drained sites. Needs full sunlight.

Rural plantings: Reforestation. Fast initial growth on good sites. Grows well in pure stands or with birch, aspen, spruce. Sensitive to chemical weed control.

Urban settings: : Uncommon, but has brilliant yellow autumn colour, light green spring colour.

Native to: Northern and central Ontario

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