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Sweet Gale (P+1) SOLD OUT

Sweet Gale (P+1)

Sweet Gale Myrica gale Up to 1 m (1-3 feet) Bareroot Seedlings Age: P+1 Size: 15+ cm tall Appe..

Wild Plum (1+0) SOLD OUT

Wild Plum (1+0)

Wild Plum Prunus nigra 9 metres (30 feet) Bareroot Seedlings Age:  1+0 Size: 15+ cm Appearan..

Wild Raisin (2 gallon) SOLD OUT

Wild Raisin (2 gallon)

Wild Raisin Viburnum nudum Up to 1 metre (1-3 feet) Appearance: Similar to Nannyberry; white flowe..