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Other Products

Poplar or Willow Cuttings

We produce a variety of Hybrid Poplar and Willow cuttings as well as native Willows. Cuttings can be produced in a variety of sizes depending on the client needs, our normal size is 25cm but we have produced them up to 3m’s in length.

Cuttings are used for everything from riparian plantings for erosion control to landfill reclamation.

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Planting Aids

Coco mats

Round coco fibre mats for weed control and moisture retention. The binding material is biodegradable natural latex. It protects the trunk from mower or timmer damage and allows water, air and nutrients to get to the tree roots. 44cm diameter,  $1.05 each.

Vinyl Tree guards       

Vinyl tree guards are effective at controlling rodent damage, and ideally should be taken off during the summer growing season to avoid damage. 48" tall, $1.50 each.








 Biodegradable Tree Guards

These Verdura Biodegradable tree protectors are made of a starch based bioplastic, derived from the potato processing industry. The effective lifetime is expected to be a minimum of 3 years. Helps to save on labour and waste. 24" tall, $1.50 each.



About Our Plants

  • All our plants are grown from local seed sources on our nursery in Kemptville.

    Bareroot seedling stock ranges in size from 15cm to 1m in height, stock may be sorted and sold by size depending on species and stock development. The minimum grading size is identified on the price chart.

    Whips and Liners are grown from our own bareroot products , their sizes vary by species, whether they are hardwood or conifer and age.

    Potted stock is sold by pot size and not directly related to the plant size. We try to ensure the proper pot size is used to allow proper plant root and top development can occur for future planting success.

    We do on occasion purchase seed from other areas for purpose grown trees such as Balsam and Fraser Fir for Christmas trees where no local seed sources are available.

    Our plants are suitable and hardy for planting in areas throughout Eastern and Central Ontario from Toronto or North Bay eastward as well as southwestern Quebec. Our plants are hardy for other locations but optimal growth may not be met, for advice on moving stock to other locations please contact the nursery office.