Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees

Planting your own fruit trees is a great way to increase the edibles in your yard, provide a food source for pollinators, and a beautiful addition to the landscape. Bareroot fruit trees are an affordable option for Spring planting. These trees are locally grown and are grafted on cold hardy, semi-dwarf root stock.

Please be aware that most fruit trees require another tree of the same species, but different variety, in order to cross-pollinate.

This is a bareroot product: there is no soil on the roots, and requires immediate planting. 

Tree height is 4 to 5 feet tall.

***This is not a shippable product. Pickup is at the nursery the last week of April, and first week of May. 

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Apple 'Cortland' SOLD OUT

Apple 'Cortland'

Excellent fresh or for cooking; keeps well..

Apple 'Ida Red' SOLD OUT

Apple 'Ida Red'

Dual purpose; Mid-October maturing; heavy crop...

Apple 'MacIntosh' SOLD OUT

Apple 'MacIntosh'

Excellent fresh; ripens mid to late September...

Pear 'Clapp's Favorite' SOLD OUT

Pear 'Clapp's Favorite'

Early,cold-tolerant; large fruit for eating..

Pear 'Flemish Beauty' SOLD OUT

Pear 'Flemish Beauty'

Very hardy; productive and vigorous; quality..

Plum 'Italian' SOLD OUT

Plum 'Italian'

Good to eat or can; short, stout and hardy; blue fruit..

Plum 'Underwood' SOLD OUT

Plum 'Underwood'

Fast-growing, cold-tolerant; reddish-purple fruit..