Peat- All Purpose Mix 107L

SOLD OUT Peat- All Purpose Mix 107L

All-purpose peat moss can be used as an amendment in the garden.

Used at a ratio of 1 part peat to 2 parts existing soil, it can aid in water absorbency, nutrient retention and aeration, which is useful in sandy or heavy soils. It can also be used for potted products, hanging baskets and cutting propagation.


Canadian sphagnum peat moss (80 - 90%)

Horticultural perlite

Horticultural vermiculite

Calcitic limestone

Dolomitic limestone

Wetting agent

Starter charge

pH range: 5.4 - 6.3

Coarse particle Size, medium drainage, medium water retention.

It is sterile, so will not introduce weeds or pathogens to your garden.

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