Oversized Bareroot

Oversized Bareroot

This stock is reforestation grade, not pruned landscape grade.

Oversized stock are larger bareroot hardwood and conifer plants for those clients requiring a larger tree. These plants are typically used by landscapers or landowners wanting a more established planting site, and are also be used by nurseries to establish their own potted products or lined out to grow on to a caliper tree.

This product is lined out in the field, and grown with more space between each seedling. This results in a more developed root system, and increased side branching.

Oversized stock is lifted from the fields, and sold dormant, without soil surrounding the roots. They are available:

1. Early spring after frost has left the ground, when handling and planting stresses are minimal. 

2. Early fall when active top-growth has slowed, and fall root-growth begins.

This size of tree requires minimal time between lifting and planting, as well as increased aftercare for successful establishment.

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