Coping with the Heat?

Posted by FTN Admin 03/08/2018 0 Comment(s)

What an incredible run of extremely warm temperatures, sunshine and lack of rain we have had so far this summer...a great scenario for vacations, but challenging when trying to grow trees!

If you are wondering how much water you should be allocating to your tree plantings, this article from the Maple Leaves Forever website can provide some guidance and advice.

Established species that are more drought tolerant, such as Red Pine and Red Cedar, usually fare better in these types of conditions. Most trees, however, benefit from mulch of some sort around the base to assist in water retention, cooling effects and weed prevention. Coco Mats are designed for exactly this purpose, constucted of coco fibre held together by a biodegradable natural latex. They generally last about 2 years, and can be purchased at any time of year at Ferguson Tree Nursery.