Eastern White Cedar (60cm+)

Eastern White Cedar (60cm+)


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Size 60cm+

Eastern White Cedar

Thuja occidentalis

15 metres (50 feet)
80+ years

Bareroot Seedlings

Age: 2-4 years old

Size: 60+ cm


Appearance: Yellow to green scale-like leaves, turning bronzy green in winter. Broad, dense, columnar form; thin red-brown young bark; gray-brown mature bark in strips.

Site and soils: Does well on many sites; dry, wet or shallow soils. Tolerant of shade.

Rural plantings: Reforestation, site restoration, wildlife plantings for browse and cover. Slow growing. Grows well with white pine, balsam fir, yellow birch, sugar maple.

Urban settings: Common as hedges, windbreaks. Easily pruned.

Native to: Ontario

All our plants are grown from local seed sources on our nursery in Kemptville.

Bareroot seedling stock ranges in size from 15cm to 1m in height, stock may be sorted and sold by size depending on species and stock development. The minimum grading size is identified in the description.

We do on occasion purchase seed from other areas for purpose grown trees such as Balsam and Fraser Fir for Christmas trees where no local seed sources are available.

Our plants are suitable and hardy for planting in areas throughout Eastern and Central Ontario from Toronto or North Bay eastward as well as southwestern Quebec. Our plants are hardy for other locations but optimal growth may not be met, for advice on moving stock to other locations please contact the nursery office.

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