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Careers at the Nursery

Looking for team members to grow with the company.

Duties and Responsibilities in this position: all positions are labour intensive, often repetitive and need to be done as efficiently and quickly as possible.

 Lifting trees

- Pulling, lifting, grading and carrying trees to a table crew for bagging or healing in

-Occasionally done on piece work wages

- normally done April and late fall (late October to mid November)

Table Crew

- Using a cleaver to prune roots to directed length

- Packing trees in large plastic lined paper bags or healing in as needed

Warehouse Operation

- Working in the shipping shed

- Dealing with customers

- re-packing trees into individual client orders

-Lifting and bending required

- variable hours you may need to stay a little later or start a little earlier on a daily basis and work Saturdays

-loading trucks


- Bending and working in various field conditions

-This job can be very hot, dirty and monotonous

- Keep in mind, the fields are large and are not the size of a garden that you may weed at home

-You may be asked to weed in the same field all day

- possibly 6-10 weeks of weeding, on hands and knees

-Hand held hoes can be used in the weed fields at some points

-Hoes with longer handles are used as well at times

- weeding in potted stock

Potting seedlings and perennial plants

- potting of various plants as per directed

- long periods of standing, bending and lifting required

Weeding and thinning in the greenhouses

- This job requires bending and lifting of trays

-The greenhouses can be hot and humid at times

- You would be weeding from the trays throughout the summer as needed

- thinning extra seedlings out of the trays and weeding as you thin

- Occasionally done on piece work wages

Planting Poplar Stool Beds

-Consist of sitting on a planter and placing cuttings in a planting wheel

- Good hand and eye co-ordination is a must

-Occasional 10-hour days

Transplanting in the fields

- Will require riding on a planter that has a wheel turning in front of you which you load the   seedlings

- If you get motion sickness this job may not be good for you

- It could be raining or very hot

- You will be required to lift trays and do some bending on this job as well

- Eye and hand co-ordination is a must on this planter

- Occasionally 10-hour days from

Root Pruning

-root pruning trays of trees from the greenhouses

- This job requires repetitive lifting and bending with heavy trays

- Late August to early September.

Hardwood seeding

- Is all done by hand on your hands and knees

- Lifting and bending is required to do this job

- placing seeds in pre-formed grooves in soil or in greenhouse containers as directed

Packing Trees in the greenhouses

- Trying to get the trees graded and packaged as quickly as possible

- This job has a lot of lifting and bending

- Very labour-intensive job loading and unloading trays of trees

-Done on piece work wages in teams

- Nov.

Poplar processing

-Requires clipping the side branches off the trees in the field

- Then the trees are cut off and brought to the ship shed for grading and boxing

-The outside portion of this job could be very cold or wet

- There is lifting and bending required for portions of this job

- Oct. – Nov.

Equipment Operation

-able to drive vehicles including trucks and UTV’s

- ability to and willingness to operate lawnmowers and weed eaters

- ability to use hand tools

- ability to take direction on equipment maintenance and to perform the tasks required

- ability to perform minor tractor operation is an asset

Other duties as assigned as the season progresses


Good communicator and listener

Self motivated

Good knowledge of the occupational health and safety act

Health and Safety for Employees as required by the Ontario Ministry of Labour (this can be done online at the nursery)

Valid G class licence in good standing

Valid Standard First Aid and CPR Certificate is an asset

Ability to use various landscape and hand tools

Good time and work management skills

Willing to work a variety of hours, including 10-hour days, weekends, early mornings and evenings, as required to meet the work priorities

An excellent individual and team worker

Capable of repeated lifting of 55lbs

Willing and able to work in all weather, cold, heat, snow and rain

Safety Hazards:

General hazards associated with operations of various nursery equipment

Bending and Lifting

Exposure to various agricultural and nursery specific chemicals and fertilizers


$14 per hour

5-8 months of work

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Penny Lennox

General Manager

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