Canada Plum (1 gallon)

SOLD OUT Canada Plum (1 gallon)


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Pot Size 1 Gallon

Canada Plum

Prunus nigra

9 metres (25 feet)


Appearance: Very large clump forming shrub or small tree. Broadly oval leaves that are widest at the mid point; dull dark green; double toothed with smaller ones gland-tipped. Stalks are short with dark glands.Thorny twigs, dark bark with grayish lenticels. Mature bark scaly. White clusters of spring blloms are fragrant. Edible fruit in late summer, early fall is 25-30mm, red, orange-red or yellow.

Site and soils: Grows best in rich, moist but well drained sites. Tolerates some shade. Best in full sunlight.

Rural plantings: Reforestation, wildlife food source, found in pastures and fencerows.

Urban settings: Fragrant; white spring flowers; small tree form.

Native to: Southeast Canada

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We do on occasion purchase seed from other areas for purpose grown trees such as Balsam and Fraser Fir for Christmas trees where no local seed sources are available.

Our plants are suitable and hardy for planting in areas throughout Eastern and Central Ontario from Toronto or North Bay eastward as well as southwestern Quebec. Our plants are hardy for other locations but optimal growth may not be met, for advice on moving stock to other locations please contact the nursery office.

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