Buttonbush (2 gallon)

Buttonbush (2 gallon)


We warranty our seedlings, trees and shrubs to be true to name and to be healthy at the time of pickup or shipping. Concerns must be expressed at the time of receipt. Our total liability is limited to the purchase price of the seedlings only.

Pot Size 2 Gallon


Cephalanthus occidentalis

1-3 metres (3-9 feet)
Perennial shrub

Appearance: The leaves are opposite; whorled, elliptic to ovate, broad with smooth edges. The flowers are white.

Site and soils: Common to wetlands, swamps, floodplains. Moist soil.

Rural plantings: Helps control erosion.

Urban settings: Ornamental and source of nectar for bees. Good for butterfly gardens.

Native to: Eastern Ontario

Potted stock is sold by pot size and not directly related to the plant size. We try to ensure the proper pot size is used to allow proper plant root and top development can occur for future planting success.

We do on occasion purchase seed from other areas for purpose grown trees such as Balsam and Fraser Fir for Christmas trees where no local seed sources are available.

Our plants are suitable and hardy for planting in areas throughout Eastern and Central Ontario from Toronto or North Bay eastward as well as southwestern Quebec. Our plants are hardy for other locations but optimal growth may not be met, for advice on moving stock to other locations please contact the nursery office.

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Please note:

Type of Pot Minimum Order Amount
Standard Pot 10 pots
Jiffy Pot 10 pots

Different species can be combined to obtain the 10 pot minimum.

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Potted Stock cannot be shipped. This product is to be picked up at the nursery at a prearranged time.

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