Bonville Garden Mineral Mix 5kg

New Bonville Garden Mineral Mix 5kg

Bonville Garden Mineral Mix offers gardeners an all-purpose, natural soil amendment that will aid all plants to boost growth, increase production, increase vitality and provide resistance against diseases and pests. A soil amendment, as opposed to a chemical fertilizer, feeds the soil first, creating activity among the soil bacteria, fungi, and other microbes present in the soil. This “living soil” is the most effective growing environment for seedlings and mature plants alike.

Mineral Mix ingredients originate from land and sea, living plants, ancient compost, animals, and animal waste. These ingredients combine to provide basically all the micro and macro nutrients that most plants rely on. It also includes a “chelating” agent, that transforms nutrients from an inert form, into a plant-available form.

Mineral Mix will help you build healthy soil for today, tomorrow, and future generations.


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