Bebb's Willow (1 gallon)

SOLD OUT Bebb's Willow (1 gallon)
Pot Size 1 Gallon

Bebb’s Willow

Salix bebbiana

8 metres (25 feet)
20 years


Appearance: Large, fast-growing, multiple-stemmed shrub capable of forming dense, colonial thickets. Upright branching that spreads. Leaves are alternately arranged, simple, and ovate in shape. They appear dull green and wrinkled on the upper surface, with a whitish, hairy underside.

Site and soils: Found in loose, saturated soils such as that on riverbanks, lakesides, swamps, marshes, and bogs. It is capable of tolerating heavy clay and rocky soils, making it highly adaptable and durable.

Rural plantings: Pioneer species, often occurring as an understory species, with jack pine. Riparian plantings and shoreline restoration.

Urban settings: Small tree in moist areas

Native to: Canada and northern United states

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