Bareroot Seedlings

Bareroot Seedlings

Bareroot seedlings are the most economical planting stock for large planting projects. They are the best performers in open field plantings where competition is high.

Bareroot seedlings are lifted from the fields, and sold dormant, without soil surrounding the roots. They are generally only available first thing in the spring after frost has left the ground, when handling and planting stresses are minimal. 

Guide to Age and Stock Types:  *Age is expressed in years.*

  • Seedbed Production: Numbers only; densely seeded and grown in the same location. ie. 3+0  indicates a three year old seedling.
  • Greenhouse Transplants: Expressed as either a P (plug) or G (broadcast), plus length of time grown in the field. ie P+1.5
  • Field Transplants: Numbers only; the first indicates number of years in a dense seedbed, the second is number of years transplanted. ie. 2+2 is a four year old seedling.


We are now accepting orders for Spring 2023. 

The minimum order is 100 seedlings, however this can be a combination of species, ordered in multiples of 20 ie. 20 Silver Maple 1+0, 20 Red Osier Dogwood 1+0, 60 Red Pine P+2.


Please Note: Any orders placed are done based on the assumption that it will be filled if the stock is available, which includes weather, inventory and factors beyond our control.

Inventories are estimates only; we try to ensure the stock is updated to the best of our ability. Unexpected inventory results may not enable us to meet all requests. The website is updated manually at this time, thus there may be a discrepancy between invoicing and availability.





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European Larch (P+1.5) SOLD OUT

European Larch (P+1.5)

European Larch Larix decidua 25 metres (80 feet) 80 years Bareroot Seedlings Age: ..


Jack Pine (2+0)

Jack Pine Pinus banksiana 20 metres (65 feet) 80+ years Bareroot Seedlings Age:  2..


Norway Spruce (3+0)

Norway Spruce Picea abies 30 metres (100 feet+) 100+ years Bareroot Seedlings Age: ..


Red Pine (P+2.5)

Red Pine Pinus resinosa 25 metres (80 feet) 100+ years Age: P+2.5 Size: 20&nb..


White Pine (3+0)

White Pine Pinus strobus 35 metres (115 feet) 100+ years Bareroot Seedlings Age: 3..


White Pine (P/G+1.5)

White Pine Pinus strobus 35 metres (115 feet) 100+ years Bareroot Seedlings Age: P..