Planting your own fruit trees is a great way to increase the edibles in your yard, provide a food source for pollinators, and a beautiful addition to the landscape. Bareroot fruit trees are an affordable option for Spring planting. These trees are locally grown and are grafted on cold hardy, semi-dwarf root stock.

Please be aware that most fruit trees require another tree of the same species, but different variety, in order to cross-pollinate.

This is a bareroot product: there is no soil on the roots, and requires immediate planting. 

Tree height is 4 to 5 feet tall.

***This is not a shippable product. Pickup is at the nursery the last week of April, and first week of May. 


We are taking requests for Spring 2022. Please email or call 613-258-0110.




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Apple 'Cortland' SOLD OUT

Apple 'Cortland'

  Excellent fresh or for cooking; keeps well. Popular variety from upper New York State. ..

Apple 'Liberty' SOLD OUT

Apple 'Liberty'

Scab resisitant cultivar, that is a strong and vigorous tree. Dark red fruit, prolific in number...

Apple 'MacIntosh' SOLD OUT

Apple 'MacIntosh'

Excellent fresh; ripens mid to late September. Cross pollinates with: Cortland, Liberty, Ida Red..

Apple 'Spartan' SOLD OUT

Apple 'Spartan'

This is a Mcintosh hybrid that is crisp, sweet and juicy. This variety is resistant to scab, fair..

Apple 'Vista Bella' SOLD OUT

Apple 'Vista Bella'

Early ripening variety (August-September) that is crisp, juicy, and tart, making it pleasant fr..

Apple 'Wolf River' SOLD OUT

Apple 'Wolf River'

This is one big apple! One apple weighs about one pound, almost enough to make a pie! Diseas..

Cherry 'Montmorency" SOLD OUT

Cherry 'Montmorency"

Tart cherry variety, excellent to make pies, jelly, jam and eating fresh. Good cold climate produ..

Cherry 'Stella' SOLD OUT

Cherry 'Stella'

Rich, sweet hardy variety for the Eastern Ontario area. Self-fertile, however produces more when ..

Peach 'Harrow Beauty' SOLD OUT

Peach 'Harrow Beauty'

For the experienced gardener who likes to experiment! Uniform trees that are medium to large in s..

Pear 'Clapp's Favorite' SOLD OUT

Pear 'Clapp's Favorite'

Early,cold-tolerant; large reddish coloured fruit for eating. Vigorous, and does well in heavy so..

Pear 'Flemish Beauty' SOLD OUT

Pear 'Flemish Beauty'

This is the hardiest Pear cultivars for colder climates. Very productive and vigorous; high quali..