About Us

The Tree Nursery grows high quality ecologically suitable trees, shrubs and perennials from known seed sources that are sold to people and organizations to help sustain our supply of forest products and improve the environment.

The Tree Nursery is operated by the Ferguson Forest Centre Corporation which is a non-shared capital corporation (commonly known as a not for profit corporation). This corporation uses the profits from the nursery to fund its goals which are: To promote good Forestry as well as supporting conservation and recreation in the Municipality of North Grenville.

The nursery grows native and proven non-invasive naturalized trees, shrubs and perennials hardy for the south-central and eastern Ontario climate as well as the south western Quebec climate.

The Staff

Maureen Jacques
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
(613) 258-0110 Ext. 225

Penny Lennox
Operations Manager
(613) 258-0110 Ext. 226

Ed Patchell
Chief Executive Officer
(613) 258-0110 Ext. 224

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