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'Welcome to The Ferguson Tree Nursery, eastern Ontario’s largest supplier of high-quality tree seedlings and nursery stock. We only grow native or proven non invasive naturalized trees and woody shrubs, produced from local seed sources that have the greatest chance for success in eastern Ontario.

Our plants meet the needs of foresters, landscapers, land owners, nurseries and conservation minded individuals who want to make sure they are getting the most appropriate plants with the highest potential for a successful plant.

We are located on the north edge of the town of Kemptville, which is 30 minutes south of Ottawa just off highway 416.

Our Trees

  • Bare Root Stock

    Bare Root Stock

    Bareroot seedlings are the most economical planting stock for large planting projects. They are the best performers in open field plantings where competition is high. Bareroot seedlings are generally only available first thing in the spring after frost has left the ground, when handling and planting stresses are minimal.

  • Gift Trees / Greenhouse Plug Seedlings

    Gift Trees / Greenhouse Plug Seedlings

    Greenhouse plug seedlings can be packaged to make a fun, thoughtful and environmentally friendly gift for a variety of occasions including weddings, funerals and corporate give aways. We have a variety of packaging options that we can provide you with to pass these seedlings out to you special guests.

    Plug seedlings are also a good planting option for sites with low competition and shallow soils or to under plant in and existing woodlot.

  • Potted stock

    Potted stock

    Potted stock are plants that have been grown in a one gallon to 10 gallon pot for a minimum of 3 months in our nursery. The plants used are from our own nursery bareroot production. Potted stock can be planted throughout the growing season from spring to fall. We are no longer operating a retail outlet. Potted stock can now be preordered online. There is a minimum purchase of 10 pots, however they can be of different species.

  • Oversized/Value-Added Bareroot Stock

    Oversized/Value-Added Bareroot Stock

    Oversized Value-Added stock are larger bareroot hardwood and conifer plants for those clients requiring a larger tree. These plants are typically used by landscapers or landowners wanting a more established planting site, and are also be used by nurseries to establish their own potted products or lined out to grow on to a caliper tree.

  • Bare Root Fruit Trees

    Bare Root Fruit Trees

    Planting your own fruit trees is a great way to increase the edibles in your yard, provide a food source for pollinators, and a beautiful addition to the landscape. Bareroot fruit trees are an affordable option for Spring planting. These trees are locally grown and are grafted on cold hardy, semi-dwarf root stock.

  • Perennials


    Perennials play an important role in our native landscape. They are aesthetically beautiful, although underused in the landscape. Planted in drifts they can take on the look of a meadow; or groupings in shaded areas can resemble a woodland understory; wet site plantings can enhance water filtration for ponds…your imagination is the limit!

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